Formula Two?

Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel

Though most diehard driving gamers will find the action of the new Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel ($60) a bit lacking due to the rather conspicuous absence of a steering column, brake/gas pedals and a shift knob, it certainly caters to those who prefer their seating arrangements in the extreme couch potato position. Lightweight, affordable and easy to use, you can park yourself on your barcalounger comfortably for hours while managing everything from the Speed Wheel’s all-in-one controls. The controller provides haptic feedback through the rumble, so you can wake yourself from the doldrums as you hit the gravelly shoulder on Forza 4. LEDs, D-Pad and standard controller buttons round out this u-shaped wheel that may remind you of your last flight in a Cessna, as opposed to last night’s epic dream when you were piloting a Ferrari California with Brooklyn Decker by your side.

Buy Now: $60 (September)