Patrón | Secret Dining Society


A night with Patrón is always a recipe for fun, but if you think libations are the only thing the luxury tequila maker knows a thing or two about, you’d be wrong. Case in point, Patrón’s Secret Dining Society has been hosting exclusive events across the country that combine cocktails and food from world class chefs such as Marcus Samuelsson in ways you can’t find anywhere else. The meal locations are naturally a secret, but some leaked venues from the past include Finland’s Embassy in D.C., a yacht in Newport, and a Spanish monastery in Miami. We’ve also been told there are still multiple events slated for this summer and, more importantly, there’s room for a few more lucky readers to join in. Simply sign up at Patron Social Club, and if the next event is happening in your city, lookout for email instructions covering how to land a seat at the table.

Hint: Put your thinking cap on for this part, since the follow ups often involve passing tests of wit. As they say, though, to the victor goes the spoils.

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