Sand Scorcher

Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept

If Chevy has the cojones not to completely bludgeon the buff and beautiful design of the Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept, then they just might have a winner in the evolutionary-but-not-revolutionary pickup truck field. The recently released images reveal a rugged and ready vehicle that’s more Paris-Dakar than Paris, Texas. The Colorado Concept sports a new, more aggressive direction for Chevy in this arena than ever before, backed by a 2.8-liter diesel engine, deep-set rocker panels, tapered headlights, a monster skid plate, twin winches and beefy 305 BFGoodrich rubber. You can even adjust the tire pressure from the cockpit for varying terrain. As you beat up the landscape, you’ll be cosseted in style with an interior that’s a far cry from past Chevys, adopting a nice black and orange color pattern on sport seats with five-point harnesses. Let’s hope the Bowtie executives will put the wheels in motion so this beast sees production.

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