X, Rated

Final Cut Pro X

The glossy spawn of iMovie and Final Cut Pro, Apple’s new Final Cut Pro X ($300) is completely rebuilt from the ground up with an all-new interface, 64-bit fully parallel processing, raw video tagging, built-in color correction and a cool new editing method called Magnetic Timeline. Of course, the revolutionary software won’t transform your scripts and cinematography into Oscar-winning works, but it just might make getting there a good bit easier. Gone is track-based editing in exchange for the aforementioned Magnetic Timeline, which lets users assemble, organize and rearrange clips as they see fit. Further helping organize those clips is Content Auto Analysis that uses your camera’s metadata to help keep clips organized using simple tags and the familiar Event Library organization interface. All this is great, but what we’re most jazzed about, besides the significantly cheaper pricetag is background rendering, which means you should be spending a lot less time waiting for that damn time-sucking render screen to disappear and more time turning your DSLR vacation videos into the next Super 8.

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