More Space, Same Case

New Apple Time Capsule

After sulking in the corner for the last two years from lack of attention, the Time Capsule ($300-$500) has finally received an update from the loving engineers in Cupertino. Well, sort of. Now the line consists of a 2TB and beefier 3TB model, which are available at the price points of the old 1TB and 2TB models respectively, so essentially Apple’s giving buyers more for less. Otherwise, it seems the designs of the gleaming white slabs haven’t been touched. Bells and whistles really shouldn’t deter you from investing in a painless backup solution though. Plus, there are plenty of rumors that the new Lion OS will allow users to download software updates to their Time Capsule which can then be distributed to every computer in the home. Are there cheaper ways to keep your data protected? Definitely. But for Apple fan boys, resisting the urge to buy another fruit-labeled gadget is futile.

Buy Now: 2TB $300 | 3TB $500