Bad weather, expert-driving and a supercar

Photo Essay | Snow Day: Lapping the Lexus LFA, In Snow

Things don’t always come together but you try to make the most of it and sometimes, if you’re lucky, it works out for the better. Case in point. Not too long ago, we moseyed ourselves up to New York’s Monticello Motor Club for some lap time in the rip-roaring Lexus LFA. Unfortunately, Mother Nature and her fickle ways was having none of that tomfoolery and decided to dump an unholy mix of snow, sleet and rain on the track, and our moods. As you can probably surmise, high performance supercars and wet, cold surfaces are rarely a recipe for success, much less safe driving, and doubly so for a novice. Luckily, the good folks at Lexus rallied and called upon one of their expert race car drivers, Scott Pruett, to turn what might have otherwise been a day of pokey, nerve-wracked driving around chicanes and hairpins into a Costco sized grabbag of spine-tingling moments as the car and all its technological wizardry were put to the test in Pruett’s deft hands. Bad weather, expert-driving and a supercar. That’s what we call a good opportunity to grab the camera.

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Photos by Eric Yang