Timekeeping: Seiko Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive

Style By Photo by Gear Patrol

When it comes to Seiko, most of us have fond memories of the quartz watches we wore back in our high school — long before moving onto more expensive and complicated timepieces. Before making such a jump, we often start at more modest beginnings and as evident by their inclusion in our guide, Seiko is a name not to be overlooked when the time comes to making your first (or next) big purchase. Case in point: the Seiko Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive.

The Seiko’s Velatura collection is composed of high performance, marine-inspired watches.

The Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive recently received an updated to include the color scheme previously only found on the Yachting Timer. At first look, the watch features easy to read illumination on the hour markers and hands, and colored accents along with two subdials on the contoured black face for a distinctive bold look. Measuring 45mm, the watch features a rugged black case with AR coated sapphire crystal. The watch wears comfortably on the wrist and is held in place by a molded rubber strap. Our only complaint is the lack of a double keep loop.

As the name implies, the watch is powered by Seiko’s Kinetic Direct Drive technology. And like most automatic watches, it generates power from your movement but what sets this watch apart is the added hand winding capability. With each turn of the crown, the power reserve subdial doubles as a power meter to show the level of power you’re generating. The power reserve also maxes out at 30 days, meaning you won’t be fighting for slots in your winder either. There’s much to like about this watch. It’s more expensive than the Seiko’s of yore, but like you it’s a much more evolved and matured timepiece and priced accordingly.

Buy Now: $1,295

Photos by Anthony Huang