Stick It Like a Polaroid Picture

Twig Pod

If you’ve ever traveled with a tripod you know just how much of a pain they can be. Everything from the odd-sized shape to airport security hassles make them a real turn off for the amateur. Of course, not everyone really wants to shell out hundreds of bucks for an aerospace grade carbon fiber monopod either. Solution? Get a Twig Pod ($28). The collapsible, aluminum monopod lets you prop up a point & shoot camera (or iPhone using the Glif) pretty much anywhere you can jam a spike into. It’s lightweight, stands around 33 inches tall and includes a carrying pouch.

Buy Now: $28

Photojojo is offering up a $28 gift card (yes, $28) with the purchase of a Twig Pod if you fill out a short survey. Do the math you’ll realize, that’s 100% off so get movin’.