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Code38 Stealth Wine Knife

Drinks By Photo by Code38 VIA

The Code38 Stealth Wine Knife ($410) is the type of thing you’d expect to learn about from tales of King Arthur pulling it out of a lake, or by catching a movie with Harrison Ford fleeing a cave with the Stealth in hand. It’s designer, Jeffrey Toering, cut his teeth as an instrument fitter in the Australian Air Force, and decided one day while eating at a fancy restaurant that waiters looked silly opening pricey bottles of vino with cheap plastic cork screws. So, he did what any self respecting gear head with handy skills would do — and concocted a wine tool that took things to eleven. While Code38 makes a variety of top-notch cork removers (starting at $200), the “stealth” version is the best of the best. Sold with a lifetime guarantee, it’s described as a “complete blend of blasted textures and vaporised titanium based-finishes” with a grooved precision spiral, and is probably the only tool classy enough to open that bottle of 1869 Château Lafite you’ve been saving for the day you made partner, or the wife put on a garter belt.

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