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Shadow Hawk Steel Hawk

Cars By Photo by Shadow Hawk

Looking like the illegitimate child of a flattened Humvee and an angry warthog, the Shadow Hawk Steel Hawk might also fit in nicely as the Tumbler’s stand-in during Gotham chase scenes. The Steel Hawk is powered by a 6.6 liter V8 engine with turbocharging that provides a healthy 360 horsepower and a meaty 650 pound feet of pavement ripping torque. We are impressed by the unique design that’s part off-road bank vault and part James Bond’s Moonraker Lotus Esprit. The vehicle, produced out of the Colorado based company’s factory, includes daylight cameras for increased visibility, active suspension that reads the terrain and adjusts accordingly, ride height control, and nearly four feet of wheel travel. This last aspect is what makes it a Super Terrain vehicle, capable of 46 inches of independent wheel travel that does not affect camber or caster like other off-road vehicles, enabling the driver to conquer just about anything short of a pole vault over a 10 foot wall. One thing’s for sure. This monster won’t be mistaken for a delicate cross-over.

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