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Tool Dots

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Want one of those organized tool walls you keeping spying in the fictional garages of guys in the hardware store commercials but can’t be bothered to hang pegboard? Well, Tool Dots ($12) were created for the lazy neat freak in all of us. Each dot measures 1/2 inches in diameter and can securely hold tools or any other metal object weighing up to half a pound. For heavier tools, just distribute the weight using multiple dots. The only installation work that’s required involves pulling off each dot’s adhesive backing and placing them in desired locations on the wall. To be fair, this does demand a fair bit of concentration — since each dot’s adhesive isn’t exactly mulligan friendly, and their 5.2lb of magnetic pull can make separating connected dots a rough task. Sold in white, black, and clear color options — this concludes our exercise in channeling Billy Mays.

Buy Now: $12 (for 12 pack)