Frosty Goodness


There are very few times when it’s not good to be an American. This is one of them. BMW is producing the M3 CRT in limited numbers (67) for markets other than the U.S. Yes, you can cry now. The Frozen Polar Silver painted sedans are designated as Carbon Racing Technology vehicles due to the ultra-lightweight hood made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, which cuts 50 percent of the weight from a stock M3 hood. This material is duplicated inside, as well, comprising portions of the tasty sport seats. The 4.4 liter V8 duplicated from the M3 GTS coupe is good for 444 horsepower, upped from the base M3’s 414. The CRT will deliver abundant smiles through its dual clutch transmission and fat 265/35R19 rear rubber, taking the four-door rocketship all the way to 180 mph. So, if Frozen Black and two doors isn’t your thing, you’ll need to move overseas and get used to what could prove to be a rather large hole in your wallet. Our guess is it won’t be cheap, but it will most definitely be worth it.

Care for more? We’ve embedded the release video after the jump.