Like Father, Like Son

Wild Turkey 81

Wild Turkey’s powerful, flagship 101 proof blend has attracted both bourbon fans and “dirty bird” escapists thanks to its bold, peppery flavoring and leg-rubberizing alcohol content. For years, the company has also offered an 80 proof blend for those looking to enjoy bourbon and still stay conscious after a few rounds.

While master distiller Jimmy Russell has held the reins for both spirits during the last 40+ years, his son and senior associate distiller, Eddie Russell, wanted a bourbon all his own that was designed with mixing in mind. Subsequently, Eddie re-formulated the 80 proof spirit from a blend of six, seven, and eight year old whiskey’s to create an 81 proof upgrade with the highest rye mash bill relative to its proof of any other bourbon. The result is a spirit that stay’s true to Wild Turkey’s core rye and oak flavor palette, without pulling a Pacquiao on unsuspecting cocktail drinkers. Needless to say, Jimmy is proud of his son’s accomplishments, and you will be too. Available soon at bars, restaurants and stores nationwide.

Buy Now: $20