A Different Kind of Board Room

Karton Cardboard Furniture

If you thought IKEA was the krill of the furniture food chain, you’d be wrong. Rather than wasting energy coating particle board to become modern furniture for the every man, Karton simply uses heavy duty cardboard to achieve the same end (sort of). According to the website, the Australian company was born after leaving “a stack of cardboard sheets alone in a room with some of Europe’s brightest engineers.” The result of this design-by-imprisonment approach is an entire line of furniture that’s affordable, easily foldable/portable, and definitely unique. Pieces are available for purchase a la carte, or in packages, for prices that walk a fine line between cheap and ludicrous depending on your tastes in contemporary-homeless design. All joking aside, though, things like their office package ($370) (shown above) do strike us as an interesting (not to mention green) solution for furnishing a temporary work space — as long as your goal isn’t to develop the next great thing in water balloon technology.

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