Where hammers fear to tread

Base Camp X Hardcore Hammer

Required ingredients to forge one badass hammer: 19 oz balanced head, 18 inches of Tennessee Hickory and monumental biceps. Okay, maybe not the last, but you’ll find the former two in this collaboration between our friends at Base Camp X and Hardcore Hammers who have somehow managed to take a ubiquitous tool and turn it into a covetous blunt instrument. Coincidentally, we just got our hands on the colossal 30″ Titanis axe, but we’re already chomping chopping at the bit to drive some nails with this balanced, straight-claw hammer. Whether you center your tool kit around it or just mount it on a workshop wall to admire its red or green livery, this hammer will certainly pack one helluva wallop. Literally and figuratively.

Buy Now: $110