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Edo Competition BMW M5 Dark Edition

The last generation M5 will have its final hurrah in five-door form and under cover of darkness. Edo Competition, the mad German tuner, has just pulled the cover off its BMW M5 Dark Edition. The V10 has been ramped up to 555 horsepower from the original and already ferocious 500 via increased air flow, allowing this “station wagon” to hurtle to 60 in 4.2 seconds and top out at a blistering 190 mph (we suggest you not haul buckets of tofu when confirming these numbers). The exterior also sports new skirts, chromed quad exhaust tips, a tasteful rear wing, massive 20 inch black rims and 285/30 rear shoes. Requisite carbon fiber and upgraded leather round out the look in the cockpit. This is one wagon you’ll drool over. The M5 Dark edition will make you find any excuse to head out to run an errand. Just make sure you strap in the tikes.

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