Tour De Stance

Pro-Form Le Tour De France Indoor Cycling Bike

If you’re one of the 7,999,000,822 people on this earth who didn’t qualify for the Tour De France this year, riding the Pro-Form Le Tour De France Indoor Cycling Bike ($1,300) is one way to simulate what the pros feel over their 2,132 mile journey — aside from beating your quads with a sledgehammer. Blessed as the official training bike of the Le Tour (if the kindergarten scrawl on the wheel didn’t clue you in), it’s packed with advanced tech that’s designed to mimic the road conditions of any ride on earth. Thanks to so-called iFit Live technology, which is powered by Google Maps, wannabe yellow boys can choose from 24 pre-mapped courses, or create their own. Besides dazzling riders with eye candy, iFit also provides critical data that the bike uses to match the incline and decline levels of the actual road, as well as wind resistance. Yes, based on your weight, height and the road, the Pro-Form calculates an “intelligent wind resistance” profile and adjusts the peddling effort accordingly. In short, it’s a tour de force in cycling technology, with a price tag to match. Something tells us though that all the basement training in the world still won’t save you from la voiture-balai.

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