Envy Green

2011 Mazda MX-5 Roadster Coupe Karai

The Mazda Miata (or MX-5 in current form) has clearly put its automotive stamp on the world. It truly is a purist’s car with great balance, a precise shifter and envied lightness and handling. A classic roadster for the modern world, indeed. Now, the Japanese automaker has come out with a special version for the German market called the MX-5 Roadster Coupe Karai. The Karai is actually coined after the Japanese word for “sharp.” And even though it’s powered by the stock 2.0 liter four-banger with 160 horsepower, both the interior and exterior have been significantly upgraded. With rather limey “Metal Green Metallic” paint (awkward, we know) and a contrasting black retractable hardtop, it’s a standout in the crowd. 17″ spoked wheels, new mirrors and updated front fascia add to the changes. The interior has been blessed with sweet Recaro seats covered in black leather and body gripping Alcantara with white contrast stitching. Mazda decided to throw in a special Sinn wristwatch as a commemorative piece. Now, that’s a nice touch. Only 165 cars are available and only in Germany (so far). Let’s hope that changes for us stateside.

Price: $43,500