Two casks, one great whiskey

Tasting Notes: Bowmore Islay Darkest 15-Year Single Malt Scotch

Culture By Photo by Bowmore

Bowmore produces a full range of Scotch whiskeys, from the entry-level 12 year old bottle to the 25-year, plus some really rare drams that sell for thousands at auction. One of the most interesting in the whole lineup though is Bowmore Darkest ($70), aged 15 years.

Bowmore Darkest is an apt name for this whiskey. Its deep mahogany color belies its age, which, even at a lengthy 15 years doesn’t seem like enough time inside oak to produce this whiskey’s intense color. The answer lies in the two-wood aging process. Bowmore Darkest starts aging in Bourbon casks, a favorite vehicle for maturing Scotch whiskeys. From there, it’s finished inside Oloroso Sherry casks, which help to impart the spirit’s dark hue.

The result is an intense whiskey full of brown sugar, caramel and fruit. Bowmore’s characteristic smokiness is present, but it’s the lively raisin and chocolate notes that really pop out. This is a great whiskey, and a good example of how two casks can join forces to create a full-flavored, well-balanced the final product.

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