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Photo Essay | Brute Force: Fuerza Bruta, Look Up

Culture By Photo by EY

7pm, Saturday | Somewhere at the crossroads of an overzealous stage-tech’s wet dream, a rave and Stomp is Fuerza Bruta — a kinetic aerial show that’s been running at New York’s Daryl Roth Theater for a few years. Yeah, we’re kind of late to this one. It’s not a show for everyone, but if you like the idea of a guy running full tilt on a suspended treadmill through moving walls or attractive women dancing and sliding around on a suspended transparent slip n’slide (doused in water, no less) ceiling mere inches above you, getting randomly whacked with styrofoam boards full of confetti, randomly being subjected to piercing strobe lights, gunshots and pounding electronic music then you might just have figured out next Saturday’s plans. We finally made our way to Fuerza Bruta (translated: brute force) for a showing and cranked our cameras ISO settings for another photo essay. We’ve even tossed in an animated gif.

Tickets start at $75.

Photo essay begins after the jump.

Photos by EY