Aged Ale

Tasting Notes: Odell Brewing Co Woodcut No. 5 Oak Aged Belgian Style Quad Ale

Culture By Photo by BP

After last year’s release of their oak aged lager, Odell went back to their woodcut roots. This time, though, the crafting process was applied toward the creation of a Belgian style quad ale. The company has become a bit of an aging aficionado, which included an expansion of their brewery and the addition of a wood-aging cellar. GP got the chance to enjoy a few early bottles and after a thorough downing, we’ve were left impressed. Immediately after the cork is removed, an intense aroma of sweetness overcomes the olfactory senses, in a good way. Upon pouring, the ale breeds dark auburn with a generous beige head, followed by a bouquet of sugary fruits and slight hint of woody notes after the sweet aromas settle. The sweet nose yields through the taste, and carbonation is virtually nonexistent, which lends to the smooth character despite the relatively high 11.3% ABV.

For you hop nerds: the hop profile is quaint and balanced with the modest malt properties at the culmination of each dram. According to their release notes, “vanilla from the New American Oak complements the Special B malt with hints of cherry, raisin, and plum on the palate.”

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