Q would be proud

Stay | Eccleston Square Hotel, London

If you’ve got a proclivity for the gadgets (as in your tech gear needs a bag of its own), a bit of the design bug and also happen to find yourself in London, there’s really only one hotel for you. A cross between British bespoke and Apple Store, central London’s Eccleston Square Hotel boasts enough technology to make even a jaded tech-geek weak in the knees as it did us when we stayed there earlier this year.

Where do we start? How about a $20,000 electronically adjustable Hastens bed, 46″ 3D Panasonic plasma, 3D Blu-Ray player, surround-sound, free ultra high-speed wi-fi, VoIP phones, electronically-controlled mood lighting, Nespresso machine, an HDTV hidden within the bathroom’s mirror, Smart Glass wall (yup, the kind that turns instantly opaque at the touch of a button), anti-mist mirrors, high-tech massaging shower system, under-floor heating, digitally-controlled everything, and an iPad 2 to do anything from control all the electronics, order up a burger and nightcap, or book a table at a nearby restaurant or club. Of course, what’s the point of all that tech if the room looks like a Wal-Mart electronics section? Consider Eccleston Square the antithesis. Elegantly appointed (think ultra yacht), the rooms are swathed in Italian wood and marble, and quintessentially British design appointments. It may not come cheap, but then again neither is your tech habit.

Rates: $485 (per night) | Info