The adage, “clothes make the man” has never been our favorite, but neither has buying shirts off the rack. Luckily, the internet has rectified that and we’ve tested a newcomer throwing their digital pin cushion into the ring: Tailor Threads. Offering fabric options that run from standard fare to eye-popping patterns, you can work your way through a list of options including cuff and collar accents to picking button, pocket and collar styles. Our shirt arrived without any snags with a spot-on fit and a classic, subtly style that’s sometimes hard to convey in a web browser. Shirts start at around $60 and can work their way north of $200 depending on the details you choose. As for fit, ours couldn’t have been more pleasing. It’s evident that Tailor Threads is passionate about shirts. They also offers a nice selection of neckties and cufflinks to round out the custom look. Oh, and free shipping to over 50 countries.

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