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MTN Approach Backcountry Snowboard System

Pure. Uncut. Powder. We’re not discussing Whitney Houston’s daydreams here people. We’re talking about the stuff that transforms passionate snowboarders into giddy Catholic school girls. Sure, if you can commandeer a chopper on a whim, accessing the stuff in the prime backcountry of your choice is an easy affair. For those of more humble means, though, the other option typically involves schlepping a specialized “splitboard” up the mountain, and then riding down. They get the job done, but the experience has yet to match the feel and ride of traditional boards. Snowboarding industry insider Cory Smith wants to break that dichotomy with the MTN Approach System. The package includes a set of specialized skis and a coordinating backpack that lets riders efficiently trek into backwoods powder troves with their own trusty deck in tow. The unique skis require no setup, are devoid of risky moving parts, and feature a unique binding that can easily attach to any snowboarding boot. Their dual side cut edges and full camber design are also optimized for easier sidehilling. Combined, the system weighs less than seven pounds, making it easy on the legs and leaving hikers with more energy for longer tours. While the MTN Approach isn’t currently for sale, expect the entire kit to hit shelves for a reasonable $795 at launch time. Until then, watch the product testing video after the break to get a sense of how it all works. Are you over summer yet?

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