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Icon 100: A5 Limited Edition

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Back in 2008, we introduced you to the first renderings of the revolutionary Icon A5 personal aircraft. Small, light, maneuverable and sleek, it showed what portability and cutting-edge design could look like in a small aircraft. Well, ICON has now released info about the first production run of the Limited Edition ICON 100 A5. The A5 is a 2-seater with a top speed of 120 mph and with both water and land takeoff and landing capability. Furthermore, ICON promises a quick ramp up capability for the uninitiated. In fact, 30% of deposits were made by those who don’t have a pilot’s license. This initial 100 program is truly special, in that it provides an early delivery date for 100 customers who deposit a cool $100K for this special run. How special? How’s custom paint and interior? The shell is bathed in heat-reflective pearlescent white paint, with metallic silver, red and black trim. Customers will also be able to change the color of the paint, if so desired. The interior is just as special, with marine-grade materials that are resistant to water, salt, sun and heat. The overall design is groundbreaking, incorporating aspects of motorcycle and automotive design. It provides a unique experience to pilots everywhere who want the benefit of a personal aircraft that utilizes the best technology available and doesn’t require a personal hangar to house. It just might be the perfect personal escape vehicle. Who knows? You just might find Daniel Craig at the helm in a future Bond movie.

Care to see how the A5 flies or how those wings fold? Watch the videos after the jump.

Price: $139,000