Reading About Drinking

The Punch Bowl by Dan Searing

Henny Youngman once said, “when I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.” We like to channel the comedian’s wise words by only reading about books that champion drinking, like The Punch Bowl ($10) by Dan Searing. This veritable tome of punchy goodness celebrates the modern renaissance of this social concoction while offerings a fascinating history lesson on punch. Add to that some tips on proper service followed by 75 recipes spanning four centuries of imbibing, and you’ve got yourself a serious book.

Of course, if you read more for the pictures, then you’re still in luck. The book features stunning photography of punches, vintage serving sets and glassware, making it equally impressive as a coffee table book or open display on your home bar.

While “The Punch Bowl” is a good read, the real fun is recreating recipes from the book, which often start with the exhilarating process of pouring whole bottles of booze into a bowl. The recipes include gin, rum, whiskey and brandy-based punches, as well as wine and Champagne. The health-conscious might consider the milk and tea-based punches, though the Victoria Milk Punch still calls for a whopping four bottles of liquor.

You’d better call some friends.

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