Chill Out, and About

Cascades ThermaFresh Cardboard Coolers

Sometimes it’s nice to keep things chilled without lugging around a cooler. Cascade’s Cardboard Cooler Boxes ($15) are a new green alternative to the styrofoam options we’ve all used before (which are probably still sitting in mint condition on the garbage heap they were dumped on, right next to the Twinkies). Each box is composed of 70% recycled cardboard and features a NorShield waterproof coating for enhanced durability. On the cooling front, these boxes pretty much match the performance of other disposable coolers and can maintain a temperature of 41° F for 36 hours straight using two bags of ice. Having the french word for cold stamped in giant block letters across the box, unfortunately, won’t help your cool factor at all.

Buy Now: $15