Beauty of the Beast

Photo Essay | Sweet Axe O’ Mine: Base Camp X Titanis Axe

Photo Essay By Photo by EY

Sunday, 6:45pm | If someone were to tell you that swinging an axe is an art form, you might initially think of the actual technique, but there’s also the implement itself. No, not the quick grab at Home Depot, but more so the Paul Bunyan harking metal and steel apparatus designed with a single purpose: felling. A few weeks ago we received such an implement, the Base Camp X Titanis Axe ($445): a 30″ behemoth packing a 5 lb head and 7″ long cutting edge. As you’d expect in an axe, the components that make up the Titanis are simple, yet exquisitely executed. A beautifully hand-forged steel block, individually precision ground and hardened sits atop 30″ of Tennessee Hickory making this not only a heavy-duty timber mincer, but also an exercise in restrained design; it’s equally stunning mid-swing as it is mounted on a wall. This past weekend, we decided to capture the Titanis in a photo essay. Pixels really do belie the beauty of this beast.

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Photos by EY