Final Cut, Bro

Levi’s Film Workshop, LA

Tech : Cameras By Photo by BH

In recent years, stalwart denim purveyor Levi’s has expanded into beyond their blue-collar roots offering not only fashion forward goods suited for coal miners but for agency ladder climbers, as well. The brand’s social accessibility and blend of fashion/practicality have led to the Levi’s Workshop — a pop-up style event that offers exposure, equipment, training and information in various disciplines, all for free. In July of 2010 they began with a Print Workshop in San Francisco, then a Photo Workshop in NYC and have stationed themselves at MOCA in LA for a Film Workshop, which we recently attended. The workshop offers everything from old school super 8mm cameras to brand new Canon 7Ds, multiple editing suites, stop animation film creation sessions, or even green screen stages. Combine that with books, DVDs and other filmmaking resources, and there’s really no excuse not to stop by and satisfy your inner Renaissance man. Our advice: take advantage and go.

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