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Brinno Time-Lapse Camera

Tech : Cameras By Photo by PhotoJoJo

One glance at Viewfinder should prove we’re huge fans of time-lapse videos. Fickle intervalometer settings, stitching photos and exposing your DSLR to mother nature aren’t entirely appealing when you just want to capture a cool storm or sunset. Photojojo to the rescue. The weather-resistant Digital Time-Lapse Camera ($149) from Brinno, makes time-lapses a cinch. Record up to 24 hours worth of time-lapse in 1280×1024 resolution on its build-in 2GB flash drive with one of 7 easy settings ranging from 5 seconds to a whopping 200 day length time-lapse (at 24 hour intervals). If you’re feeling extra ambitious, pick-up a few and grab multiple angles or use the macro setting to see just how quickly that cactus of yours grows.

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