BMW Concept C Motor Scooter

Cars By Photo by BMW

Typically, riding a scooter as a full-fledged male has the ability to take you down a few notches on the coolness scale. Well, BMW hopes to change some of that, as they try to edge in on the ubiquitous scooter market with the introduction of the BMW Concept C motor scooter. Using a high displacement two cylinder engine, coupled with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), the Concept C aims to be at the top of the range for performance in this two-wheeled segment. With signature rakish BMW design including a split grille and angular bodywork, it also sports an LED headlamp, electronically adjustable windscreen, rear facing video cameras (to see the Hummer bearing down on you) and a radically designed instrument cluster housing two monitors for the rear cameras, GPS and trip computer. Rounding out the Concept C amenities are leg protecting bash plates, chromium suspension components, five spoke cast wheels, two-tone black and blue wheels for that Tron look and two wheel disc brakes with ABS. We can safely say it looks like no other scooter out there today, and BMW has real plans to bring this to fruition. Riding to the corner market to get a gallon of milk and your weekly lottery ticket will never be the same.