Swing Away

Joe Mauer Quickswing PX4

Does your offensive production in the summer beer league make Mario Mendoza’s career average look good? Joe Mauer’s Quickswing PX4 ($130) can help improve sluggish bat speed and accuracy — as well as provide fielders with double play turnaround practice. Developed originally by the father of sports prodigy and three-time batting title winner Joe Mauer, this new edition’s auto-feeder design can drop twelve baseballs in 6, 8, or 10 second intervals. When combined with the included mini-trampoline, sluggers can practice handling soft tosses and striking balls in lower corners of the strike zone too. A tent-style practice net, or a more portable 5′ or 7′ quickster version also ships with the training tool to prevent accidental damage and encounters with The Beast.

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