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K9 H20 Water Bottle

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So you’ve got yourself a stainless steel, BPA-free, environmentally friendly water bottle for all your outdoor activities, but when it comes time for Buddy to have a drink it’s still the same ol’ plastic dish. The problem is, no one’s really figured out how to teach our canine companions exactly how to pick up a bottle of Smartwater and take a swig. No matter how good Jennifer Aniston is looking in those ads. Well, there’s a solution and it’s called the K9 H20 Water Bottle ($15-20). Offering up either 9.5 oz or 25 oz of water storage, the K9 H20 is a durable and easy way to provide water for your dog on the go. The patented lid is designed with a long tapered side to fit a dog’s natural drinking style. It even fits in a standard cup holder, just don’t try and drink out of it yourself.

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