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Le Snob Guide to Tailoring

The artisanal world of tailoring can be daunting to any man uninitiated with its intricacies. Reading the Le Snob Guide to Tailoring ($12) will help even the most inexperienced buyer confidently select, wear, and maintain all kinds of bespoke clothing, or alter the store bought variety for a better fit. Part of an unfortunately-named series aimed at teaching men about the finer things in life, this particular edition, is written by Simon Crompton, who among other various journalistic exploits provides frequent sartorial advice through his blog Permanent Style. Inside, readers will find impeccable information from both style experts and renowned tailors covering what to look and ask for when the measuring tape rolls out. There’s also a directory of top-quality men’s outfitters for those eager to shop around for some brand new threads. Currently only available through UK stores, it’s a bookshelf resource all guys can benefit from having on hand.

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