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All the Bentley’s Men: Bentley Driver’s Club 75th Anniversary (Photo Essay)

Cars By Photo by EY

Marking the second in-depth post of British marquee Bentley, we’re turning back the clocks nearly a century from our previous post.

Tuesday 10am | There’s really nothing quite like seeing 80 years worth of history rumbling its way up to you, but here on a breezy Tuesday June morning we managed to see just that. One right after another, 100 members of the Bentley Drivers Club arrived on Pyms Lane in 50 incredible road going artifacts of motoring history, some dating as far back as 1927. Traveling (and bringing their Bentley’s) from as far as Australia, the drivers club celebrated their 75th Anniversary at Bentley’s headquarters in Crewe, England sharing their share passions and tales from a 3,000 mile grand tour across British roads — their stories composed the perfect score for a grand motoring scene.

As much as we’d love to say we had a spare time-worn Daguerreotype camera lying around, we’ve relied on our post-processing tools to capture the utter vintage-ness of it all in this photo essay, which begins right after the jump.

Photo Essay Data

Canon 7D, Canon 1.2 85mm L

Photos by EY