Hand-crafted in Austin, TX

Tasting Notes: Treaty Oak Platinum Rum

Culture By Photo by Treaty Oak

Rum: the storied beverage that fueled the slave trade and pirates, and still fuels tropical vacations.

Texas: the larger-than-life state of red meat and cold beer.

Merging the two dissociated subjects is Austin-based Treaty Oak Platinum Rum ($25), a spirit containing only Texas ingredients, including molasses from the last operating sugar mill in the state. Treaty Oak is distilled in reflux column stills, which can achieve a cleaner, higher proof pure rum than that typically produced with traditional pot stills. The rum is then blended with Texas Hill Country water and double filtered through activated carbon. Interestingly – or oddly, maybe even blasphemously – Treaty Oak crafts its rum to compete with other rums and vodkas. It hopes that the rum’s smooth, subtly sweet flavor profile will usurp vodka in vodka cocktails, while still playing nice in traditional rum drinks. Let’s take it for a spin.

Treaty Oak offers pleasant aromas of vanilla and shortbread, sort of like holidays at your mom’s house, but with a boozier kick. Take a sip to uncover flavors of vanilla, nutmeg and citrus. Not bad, and quite a change from your typical, big brand rums. Plus, given the subtle flavor – one that lacks the deep molasses notes often found in rum – we could see it working where vodka’s often used. Either way, it’s unique stuff and certainly worth sampling.

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