A Stampede-Full of Horses

2011 Vilner Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT600

The current Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 is undoubtedly a rubber roaster. Heck, it’ll even cook unwitting sports cars just for fun. The Hennessey version is even more ferocious. Well, Bulgarian tuner Vilner decided to dial up the heat even more with the 2011 Vilner Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT600. Still utilizing Hennessey’s Vortech turbo powered 5.7 liter HEMI V8, Vilner modified it and nearly doubled the output to a decidedly angry 600 horsepower. Yeeowch. On top of the near-nuclear powerplant, Vilner reworked the interior with red and black Alcantara suede, black leather with red stitching and a keen flat bottom racing style steering wheel. LED day-running lights and new headlamps ensure that you are seen (as the supernova-like paint job was clearly insufficient). If you’re lucky enough to make this purchase, you might also think about helmets for the whole family this Christmas.

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