Keep Your Cool

Igloo Yukon Series Cold Locker Coolers

Igloo’s Yukon series “cold locker” coolers ($330+) are a new breed of portable storage capable of keeping contents cool for up to fourteen days(!) on the road. Before your brain starts wandering to week long beer-a-thons on a deserted beach, be clear that these professional grade coolers were built with lengthy hunting & fishy trips in mind. The entire series feature, stainless steel hinges, hardware and dual lid locks, plus a minimum of three inches of foam on the lid, and two inches of foam in the cooler body. Rugged, wide-grips integrated with the handles make the coolers easy to move or tie down, even with gloves on. Thanks to the reversible skid/anti-skid pads on the bottom of the cooler, buyers can choose between stability and sliding to save their backs. Sold in 50, 70, 150, 250 quart sizes, each version even includes a built in fish measurement ruler for inspecting your whooper or tall boy.

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