The dream becomes reality

Timekeeping: RedSea Holystone

Style By Photo by Gishani

How many watch geeks have dreamed of starting a watch company? Well, for two guys from Minneapolis, the dream has become reality. Last year, we told you about a new dive watch micro-brand, RedSea. At that time, they only had ideas, some computer-generated mockups and a pile of credit card debt. Now they’ve got a new watch. Two actually – the Six Pounder and the one pictured here, the Holystone, which we’ve been wearing for a couple of weeks.

The two models are differentiated by dial and hands only, both sporting the same chunky 300-meter water resistant, 44mm case, inside of which beats a reliable Miyota 9015 motor. While RedSea doesn’t break new ground aesthetically, with elements reminiscent of various other dive watches, it does a few things better than many others at the same, and higher, price points. The tall, beefy bezel overhangs the case by about a millimeter, giving good grip from any angle. Hand, dial and bezel lume is superb, which will come as no surprise since it is provided by the masters of glow, LÜM-TEC. Packaging is minimalist but practical, with a zippered, two-watch travel case and extra rubber and four-ring nylon straps.

As could be expected for a sub-grand watch, there are some shortcomings. The bezel action is a little sloppy, with noticeable backlash. Timekeeping from the Miyota movement was adequate but not spectacular, at about +15 seconds per day. Crown winding is a little scratchy and it takes a few tries to engage the threads when screwing it down. The provided five-link bracelet is solid and comfortable but its clasp lacks a dive extension and is finicky to install on the watch. But overall, for $695, it is a nice alternative for those looking for a brand you won’t see everyone wearing and an automatic diver that will stand up to some abuse.

Buy Now: $695