Eric Estrada should've been so lucky.

Randolph Engineering Concordes

Style : Accessories By Photo by JG

Built with a heavy dose of human power, Randolph Engineering has been producing honest, premium quality eyewear, frame after frame at their family owned factory in Massachusetts. We’ve spent time with Randolph’s quintessential Aviators, but this time around we walked away even more impressed having had the opportunity to do an inadvertent test of the formula: ass + woodchair = crushed eyewear. The Concorde’s ($189) took them in stride further assuring we’ll never have to rely on Randolph’s lifetime guarantee on welds.

The frames we tested, which ironically have a frame shape more readily perceived as “aviators”, arrived in gold with tan polarized lenses and cable temples. We quickly subjected them to a regular onslaught of summer time test including a hike in Boise, ID, off-roading in eastern Oregon, a wedding in New Jersey, and Rhode Island beach time amongst others. Not only were the gold frames a great change up to the usual steel and black sunglasses we have, but we found the tan polarized lenses to be worth the premium. The cable temples take a little getting used to, but for the security of a firmly planted pair of shades, we’ll take it any day of the week. These earn a hearty stamp of approval.

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