Finally, a casual technical tee

Sport Science Smarter Heather T-shirt

Sports and Outdoors By Photo by Gishani

Yeah yeah, another technical t-shirt. Do we really need another wicking, breathable tee? If it’s from Sport Science ($22), the answer is yes. And here’s why. While this shirt does a fine job of pulling sweat off the skin to keep you cool but not clammy, that’s not what makes it special. No, what we like about the Sport Science Smarter Heather is that it comes closer to feeling like cotton than any other shirt of its ilk that we’ve tried. So you get all the advantages of a tech tee without the slippery, clingy downsides of most others. The Smarter Heather comes in a variety of laid-back colors so even if you take your workouts seriously, the shirt keeps it casual. Or if you just want to wear it walking the dog, you don’t look like one of those jocks who only has race t-shirts in his closet.

Sport Science also will print club or event graphics on shirts for an additional charge. Yup, that’s the Gear Patrol logo on ours.

Buy now: $22