Latch on to Michael Phelps, Or Use This

Bladefish 7000 Personal Seajet

Sports and Outdoors : Sports By Photo by Bladefish VIA

The Bladefish 7000 Turbo ($1,735) is designed to help any underwater explorer keep pace with the surrounding marine life. If you’re last name happens to be Bond, it’ll probably work just as well as a taxi to various underwater missile silos. As the top of the Bladefish line, this high-powered version features a “Turbo” gear which provides 20% more oomph and is capable of tugging your average diver at speeds up to 6.5 km/h. Powered by an 18V lithium Ion battery, the 7000 is good for 55-120 mins of use depending on the gear, and can be completely recharged at under two hours. Buoyancy is adjustable via specialized floats, and its triple seal construction combined with high-grade polycarbonate and ABS materials give the seajet a depth rating of 40m. Another special touch we really appreciate is the included camera mount for capturing the moment. Since it weighs just under 11 pounds and measures 15 x 14 x 6 inches, divers can easily pack the device to any destination — though we’d strongly recommend checking it unless you enjoy being felt up by the TSA.

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