Just Don't Drink It

Wash With Joe

Coffee and a hot shower form a one-two punch that gets many of us out of the house and ready to work. Short of bringing your mug in the shower, Wash With Joe ($24) is the best way we know of to combine these two daily steps. Packed with a healthy helping of Arabica coffee and mint, the body wash’s smell alone should wake even you Van Winkle’s up. Caffeine has also been proven to tighten and firm one’s epidermis, and works as an anti-inflammatory — hinting the inclusion of java is definitely skin deep. Last but not least, Wash With Joe is made in the USA, paraben free, certified vegan and never tested on animals. So it’ll clean you, and your karma. We just hope the breakfast meets bathroom combinations stop here, before Egg McMuffin shampoos come along and ruin the whole party.

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