Style For Your Smile

Yumaki Toothbrushes

While the big name brands dream up gimmick after gimmick to differentiate their own bristle sticks from the rest of the pack, Yumaki takes a much more focused approach. Style, simple design, and quality construction are the name of their oral hygiene game — which is exactly what we’d expect from a company seeking to meld Scandinavian design sensibilities with Japanese manufacturing. Each year, a set of 18 colorways are released, made from 100% recyclable materials and the highest quality manufacturing standards. That year’s styles are then retired from sale as new series are developed. Accessorizing addicts can purchase brushes for $10 a pop and have them shipped anywhere in the world (shipping is free if you buy more than four). Alternatively, you can sign up for their subscription service to have a fresh brush automatically mailed to you every two months — per dentist recommendations. They are not to be matched with your sneakers, jersey, or fitted cap.

Buy Now: $10