Pressure to be better

Adidas Recovery Compression Apparel

Sports and Outdoors By Photo by Adidas

You may not be aware of it, but everything you do (or don’t do) after a workout prepares your body for the next. From stretching, to nutrition, to hydration, your body immediately starts rebuilding what you’ve broken down. The new Adidas Recovery compression apparel takes it to the next level. Here’s how: Recovery reduces muscle fatigue through strategically placed compression zones focused on core muscle groups that promote circulation and increase the displacement of lactic acid. All very good things if you don’t want to feel as tired or sore the next day. Wear it during a workout or slip it on as soon as you finish to begin the healing process. There’s nothing worse than knowing five minutes into your routine that you’re not at your best. It may not make you an Olympic athlete, but sure doesn’t hurt to be at your peak.

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