You never know when you’re going to need some illumination

Light & Motion Solite 150

Sports and Outdoors : Camping By Photo by Gishani

Whether you’re caught out after sunset on your bike, troubleshooting an uncooperative ’74 Beetle, plotting your pre-dawn summit bid, or finding a blown fuse in a dark basement, a good light source becomes invaluable. The problem is, you usually need different lights for different purposes and the one you need is rarely where you need it. Well, the elves at Light & Motion have solved the problem with the SOLITE 150 ($160).

Packaged with a headband, handlebar mounts and a sturdy battery pack, the SOLITE 150 works as a headlamp, a bike light, a standup task light and a handheld flashlight. Compact, ergonomic and light, the SOLITE packs a wallop, with its high intensity LED bulb which, on its high setting will punch a 150 lumen hole in the darkest night. On Low, you’ll get 40 hours of burn time and SOS and Flash settings will help the SAR chopper find you when your map skills fail. A USB charger that works with your cell phone car charger or laptop means you won’t have an excuse for going dark. And that’s the whole point.

Buy Now: $180

Photo by Gishani