Redefining Blow Torch


Cooking over charcoal can impart many excellent flavor characteristics to your meat of choice — lighter fluid just isn’t one of them. Swedish inventor Richard Looft created the Looftlighter ($80) to end charcoal-grilling man’s dependance on the explosive fluid once and for all, granted they have an electrical outlet close at hand. Looking like a cross between a curling iron and a vintage microphone, the Looftlighter is essentially a highly specialized hairdryer — designed pump air heated to 1000° Fahrenheit more. When directed at coals, the combination of searing heat and oxygen can create sparks in roughly 15 seconds. Point the business end at the problem for longer and soon you’ll soon have a glowing bed of coals for grilling. Not impressed by making fire without flames? Well, did we mention the safety guard from the handle doubles as a bottle opener?

Buy Now: $80