Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t

Patina: 1960’s Lotus Elan

Cars By Photo by Gishani

Lotus has always built cars that are meant to be driven hard and not coddled. Small and lightweight, with surprisingly modest engines, the guiding principle of company founder, Colin Chapman, was to remove extraneous bits and bobs to tip the power to weight ratio in favor of the former. This principle was most evident in perhaps the quintessential Lotus model – the Series I Elan, which tore up twisty country roads in a cloud of dust and a high-revving whine throughout the 1960s.

The cockpit of this well-used British racing green Elan is stark in its single-minded pursuit, lacking a radio and superfluous switches or gauges – everything you need and nothing you don’t. The patina of the worn steering wheel rim and cracked wood dashboard give evidence of a car that’s been used as it was intended. Colin Chapman would have approved and so do we.

Photo by Gishani for GP