King of the Android Hill (For Now)

Samsung Galaxy S II

After months of waiting, Samsung’s top-tier Android super phone is now available stateside, on Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. The phone will apparently ship in slightly different variations to each network. At their core, all U.S. models will still feature Android 2.3, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 16GB of memory, an 8 MP rear camera and measure around .33-inches thick. All three also feature a 2MP font-facing camera and an eye-searing Super AMOLED Plus display — however it’s 4.52-inches on the T-Mobile and Sprint versions, vs 4.3 on AT&T’s (which matches the international spec). Some form of “4G” support is included too, as either HSPA+ for T-Mo & AT&T, or WiMax for Sprint. Sprint will be launching the phone first this September, with the other two networks joining later. Lauded by many as the best Android phone in existence, we’re pleased to see the device land on our shores, even if it is right on the verge of an iPhone 5 announcement.

Buy Now: Sprint $200 (September 16th) | AT&T $199 (TBA) | T-Mobile $199 (TBA)