Winging It

Ford Evos Concept

Concept cars, by their very nature, are designed to floor the gas pedal of our automotive imagination. The Ford Evos achieves this end with flying colors, and then some — thanks in large part to the striking pose of its not one, not two, not three, but four gullwing doors. Born from Ford’s design studio in Cologne, Germany and crafted in Italy, the car boasts incredibly high-tech guts to go along with its Jetson-like physique. A hybrid powertrain sits at the car’s core, while cloud technology is stuffed in every conceivable gap (we’ll leave the cool specifics in that department to the videos after the break). Scheduled to debut in Frankfurt later this year, this whole package may never come to fruition, but Ford promises to put large parts of the Evos’s overall styling in future products out of Detroit — and by future, we mean in the next four months.

Videos after the break.

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